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Maybe a little late for your info gathering…but it might be worth noting that using DVS as an ASIO ‘soundcard’ in your DAW actually has two types of latency to address.  There is ASIO latency….what we generally measure of in regards to latency on a PCIe, USB, or Thunderbolt interface, and then there is DANTE latency…which deals with the latency within the DANTE network.

DVS has settings for both, but the 4ms quoted above was only for ASIO latency settings, and did not include a DANTE network latency setting.

In my experience on both Macs and PCs, a DANTE PCIe card performs quite a bit better than DVS, at all ASIO settings.  Also, the PCIe card allows 32 sample ASIO with rock solid performance and the lowest round-trip-latency I have personally ever experienced.  If making a choice between DVS and the PCIe card, I would choose the latter every time, and personally I think the performance warrants the cost.  As always, your mileage may vary.

Just FYI to consider.