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Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I'll create a ticket to add FX chain sorting options similar to the algorithm sorting options. 

Another way you could solve the issue of not having the right FX chain/settings for a specific DAW project would be to use Emote as a plug-in in your DAW. When you open the DAW project and then open the Emote plug-in, a pop-up message will ask if you want to restore the H9000 state data. If you choose to restore this, you will load all the H9k settings that you were using in the last saved state of that specific DAW project (this will overwrite what is currently loaded on the H9k.) It is recommended to save all of your session data on the H9k itself as well and the best practice would probably be to save an H9k session for each DAW project, but the Emote plug-in state restore is a good back up plan if you forget to save an FX chain for the project you're working on.