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mferrand wrote:

O.K – Maybe this can’t be done.  One thing I love on my H9 is that I can be playing through one preset, use the right swtich to scoll up to another and not have it become active until I hit the left footswitch.  The PR+ or PR- will not necessarly work for me as my presets are not next to each other.  For example, I may want to go from preset 91 to preset 95.  Right now I have my preset range from 90 to 99 so it is easy to tap the right footswtich through the range.  I was hoping to use my MIDI controller to select ‘nonadjacent’ presets without having them load.

Cheers, Mike

Hey Mike,

I realise this is an old post but I’m in exact the same position. Have spent hours trying to get my midi controller to be able to turn a preset on and off. Did you find a way to solve the issue? 

Best, Jasper