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jiagap wrote:

Thanks for the response. I found out the main problem – the FXLoop on the AX8 is also the OUTPUT 2, which I had never used so I had it turned all the way down. I turned it up and surprise it works. However I have some fine tuning stuff now, that I will post on the Fractal board. While I have the AX8 L&R output going into the L&R input of the H9 and the H9 L&R output into the AX8 L&R Input it is NOT coming out in stereo. While I just used the H9 direct into my monitors the stereo was marvolous, but through the AX8 I am only getting mono. 

Did you connect AX8 with H9 at the end of the day?

I just bought an H9 and I cannot make it work!

I connected midi out (ax8) to midi in (h9). I connected the AX8 input to Output 1 (h9). I connected my gjitar to input 1 h9. I created an fx loop on ax8 editor. I setup channel 1 for both ax8 and h9. I setup clock ON on h9, I also put the h9 on thru mode. But the sound coming out is terrible! The midi settings work fine but the sound is not right! Any suggestion?