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Eventide Staff
Fran-Garofano wrote:
Did you connect AX8 with H9 at the end of the day? I just bought an H9 and I cannot make it work! I connected midi out (ax8) to midi in (h9). I connected the AX8 input to Output 1 (h9). I connected my gjitar to input 1 h9. I created an fx loop on ax8 editor. I setup channel 1 for both ax8 and h9. I setup clock ON on h9, I also put the h9 on thru mode. But the sound coming out is terrible! The midi settings work fine but the sound is not right! Any suggestion?

Sounds like you should reinstall your H9's software. Have you tried that in H9 Control? (Pedal Settings -> Update Stompbox's Software -> choose the latest one)