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The Eventide support folks have been great and really helpful in this issue.

I wanted to share a bit of a convo I had with Google in the hope that it will help Eventide get to root cause on this.

        Google: I see that you’re unable to make in-app purchases.

        Me: Right, the process fails right at the end, but the only info is something like “A generic error occurred”

        Google: I’m happy to help you.

        I check the failed transactions and it seems to be a problem on the app itself.

        Your account has no issues at all same as your form of payment.

        Me: Is there something specific we can inform Eventide about?

        Google: I’m afraid I can’t disclose the reason due to privacy reasons but all I can say is that the app developers should get in touch with us to fix the issue.

        Me: is there a way for them to contact you and get a specific record of the issue? I dont need to be involved, just want them to get actionable information

        Google: Yes, there is. For sure all customers are experiencing the same issue when trying to purchase an item from their app.

        As soon as they notice the issue and contact us, then we’ll be able to help them fix it.

        Unfortunately, we won’t be able to contact them, Jonathan. It has to be them who’ll contact us.