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nickrose wrote:

An I/O identifier of 22 means that it has 2 inputs and 2 outputs. It doesn’t mean that it only works in stereo, just that if you have more outputs or inputs some may not be active.

To fully use a 44 preset you need 4 inputs and 4 outputs, but you may (or may not) find it useful in a stereo setup – try it and see.


Ok so I only work with mono and stereo sources. I’m struggling to understand when ever I would need to process a sound which uses 4 inputs and outputs? Or even 8 inputs and outputs? 

Sorry if this seems absurd however I am trying to understand once and for all. 


here is the thing, many presets with an I/0 of 44 or 88 do indeed work on only 2 inputs and outputs, I have tried it, so what am I missing out on by only using 2 inputs and outputs on such a preset. 

thanks kindly for your help

I very much appreciate it