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I don’t think your missing anything. I got my new Micropitch pedal yesterday. It’s about 90% what I had hoped for.

I was hopeful as it sounds like you were that you could specify things in the software. It would be nice to be able to specify +9 and -11 for the fine pitch or like 375ms delay on 1 side and 500ms delay on the other and save that as a preset rather than trying to figure it out by ear as many times I need specific millisecond delay but instead I have to sit with a another delay pedal that has a digital read out and try to do it by ear.

I understand these knew pedals were designed to be tweaked and give you physical knobs to twist but it would be nice if the software would at least allow that function and if you want to adjust slightly on the fly with knobs by ear you could.

My other dream would be if there were a few extra parameters available in the software. The one feature I wish the Micropitch had was the “Slurm” ability of the new Eventide Ultratap Delay pedal so you could soften those repeats. That ability to smear/diffuse/soften those delay repeats should be a feature on every single delay pedal to me and is a missed opportunity to me to finally have detuned delays that you could soften into a truly ambient dream.