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dlnewhouse wrote:

It looks like the Lexicon PCM92 has won availability wars against the Eventide Eclipse v4, and has seen its price go up.  There are no Youtube videos of that exact Lexicon model, but is it the chorus effect that is better?

Not sure how you’re searching on YouTube.  I found some PCM 92 videos as well as the PCM 96 (same algorithms).  There’s also the software version of it as well (again, same algorithms).  FWIW, I had a PCM 92 for a while.  Ended up not liking it and sold it.  Kept the H8000FW.  Lexicon was known for their reverbs and I still have and use the 480L.  The PCM 92, IMHO sounded more modern/cleaner/less enveloping compared to their older stuff.  Can’t say anything specific about the Eclipse since that’s one Eventide model I have not owned.  However, Eventide’s pitch shifting and delay-based algorithms as well as their ability to create other-worldly textures are what sets them apart.

If you’re looking for a quality chorus, try tracking down a Baloran Triko.