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nostalgistband wrote:
… I’ve got the CC values matched (I’m just doing CC1). But when I try to set this up as patch MIDI (see attachment for settings), nothing happens…

The problem might be with CTRL 1 VAL 1.  Try setting it to 127 (actually, anything from 64-127).

nostalgistband wrote:
… I also tried doing this with ES-8 assigns for the patch in question. H9-2 did detect the command this way, but as best as I can tell, that would mean I’d have to press the preset switch on the ES-8 a second time to bypass H9-2 when switching …

I just want to confirm that you’re targeting the Bypass (and not Toggle between Bypass & Active).

I’m not familiar with the workings of the ES-8.  But it could be its switch action is set up as latching, rather than momentary.  That is, ON with one press; alternating with OFF on every other press.  You’d want ON with switch press; OFF on release.

It’s been a while, but I believe you can use PC or CC commands for Active, Bypass, and Toggle.