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jerzythepeddler wrote:



I just got the H9000 and I'm loving it. Having the plugin recall the settings in a session is a huge game changer when using hardware.


Anyways, I wondered if there is a recommended workflow when using the plugin in a daw to keep everything organized and efficient. Do you call up the plugin on every channel you're using it just so you can easily call up the emote to edit parameters? Do you make a single "Emote" track in your daw and then call up the plugin as an insert there to have all the H9000 info like automation and stuff in a single location?



Congratulations on your new H9000! That is great to hear that your are enjoying the workflow with Emote in your DAW projects. 

There is no specific recomended way to use Emote when it comes to keeping everything organized and efficient, that is really up to your preferred workflow. Personally, I prefer to only have 1 track that I place Emote on and I keep track of all of my H9k automation there, so your idea of having an "Emote" track in your DAW is probably the best bet if that works for you. 

We do recommend that you save all of your data for each DAW project as an H9k session as well to make sure there is no data loss in case there is an error with the Emote DAW state recall or your DAW project.