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Eventide Staff
terich wrote:
Using Pitchfuzz, I want to default to -20 Fuzz Tone when I load it. I want the expression pedal range to be able to go from -64 to -20. I currently have the direction reversed, so that heel down is -20 and toe down is -64. That's how I'd like to keep it.

Make sure these ranges are programmed in the preset itself. Easiest way is using H9 Control, where you can use the ribbon strip to ensure the range goes from -20 to -64 as you move the strip to the right.

terich wrote:
I've tried sending a midi CC that corresponds with the EXP setting and that doesn't work (though this same setup works with my pitchflex patch). I've also tried sending CC on channel 22, which is configured to change parameter 2, and that also doesn't do anything.

Have you checked to make sure that the CC# you are using to map the expression/ribbon controller are not conflicting with something else? On H9 Control, if you go to PEDAL SETTING > MIDI SETTINGS > Assign MIDI CC messages to pedal functions…make sure "Set express pedal value" is set to its own CC # not already in use by something else. This is the CC# that should be programmed on the Morningstar expression input.

It's better to program expression mappings using the ribbon controller, rather than trying to send expression control to an individual parameter. This way you don't have to reprogram the Morningstar everytime you want to control an H9 parameter, but rather you can leave it to the general CC that controls expression and simply change it on the H9 Control side.