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joecozzi wrote:
One last thing left to try might be making sure the CLK FLT on the TimeFactor is to OFF. If that doesn’t work… I’m sorry, I’m out of ideas. I have a TimeFactor running the same firmware and it’s receiving MIDI clock fine from an H9. When I disengage the clocking on the H9, the TimeFactor responds as expected, with a blinking display on the CLK IN option. I reactivate the H9, and TF remains solid. Disconnecting and reconnecting the MIDI cable does the same thing. At this point, my suggestion is to contact support@eventide.com explaining once again what is happening. Link them to this forum so they can read our troubleshooting efforts. If there is in fact a hardware issue, they’ll be able to inform you of the next step in the process. They’ll probably ask you to reinstall the firmware once again, but this time connected via USB to a computer running the Eventide Device Manager application, not just a factory reset. You may want to try that preemptively. Remember to go back into system settings to make sure CLK IN is ON.


Thanks for all the help, I appreciate it!