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II – in H9 Control

2- (on this one, i cried soooooooo many times 😉 sometimes I even don’t power-on my PB thinking of the long management I still have to do with a jurassik user interface’s ergonomy) I dream for years of having an “excel-type list tab” in h9 control -or another PC compatible app- with multipreset/parameters editor/manager with list of presets -multiselection possible- and columns filtering of parameters including (please… 🙂 ) routing, instr source, by preset

in which we would definitely have the “user/workflowing friendly” possibility to copy/move presets AND a selection of presets (French jokin’ : did you ever realize we will soon be using computers with keyboard and mouse for music production ? computers use some kind of shortcuts to go faster, easier, workflower… like CTRL, ALT, MAj or even CMD for esteticians or designers… CTRL to copy or add to selection, MAJ to Move or multiselect, etc. and mouse shortcuts also with something more than left click… a new technological world is coming !)