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Sorry i sometimes try to laugh 🙂 but always cry about H9 management workflow, i mean… H9 control is really good (one needs recognition) to use with fingers on the phone to tweak one sound, but when you worked hard and found many useful and beautiful ones and want to retrieve them, organize them especially, prepare rehearsals, changing band project or preparing a particular soundset, changing the nature of instrument, or work and control with a daw (except Ableton Live… thanks to a generous volunteer user…)… things are going really bad. As if a full even tide’s timelap is much faster than trying to reorganize your many eventide H9 sounds through H9 Control. Such an horrible sensation that computers (real ones, not mobile or console) permitted to avoid (i managed to deal with DOS, ok it was hard times… and windows 3.1 or after 95 where you could use right mouse click and even some keyboard shortcuts !!!!)

Enough with the jokes. Ok so we can order easily presets with lists (especially when you can select column and sort presets by these) you can identify many things (type/parameters threshold) very fastly to search sounds that fit an idea (and change it fastly also if needed to try before trying another) without infinite goings and comings -loosing precious time- through different menus

This dreamed-of editor would have a one/two (We, users, may choose) panel listing (sort of Excel one) where i can import/export/edit multiple sounds at once with listing and multiselection facilities. The icing on the cake would be the possibility to edit multiple parameters of multiple presets with a multiple selection’s editing function (when changing instrument and thresholds or tone parameters have to be changed a bit for more darkness or brightness ie)