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On each panel (with the possibility to work with two panels aside) we would have an horizontal ribbon with the source (H9-1, H9-2, H9-3,… , H9-Ctrl preset list, H9-Ctrl usage history, Settings) and a ribbon with the object (preset, preset list, parameters list).

Then, beneath, a list with preset parameters and some preset settings (source instrument -bass, guitar,…- ie should be able to be recorded as a preset setting and VERY easily browsed/editable/reachable through this listing board filtering, as would be the routing setting send/return loop and dsp/fx setting), in columns. we should be able to edit on each panel and copy/move/replace/insert any preset/multipreset selection from and to each panel to/from the other.

A very tiny little underline-“ribbon” on each preset line (down of it?) could represent the actual programming of expression parameters and values (as you did with white and blue points and a blue line between, this is absolutely perfect !)

3- About saving/editing FX list. The idea is to make a list of current presets and choose (none, one, two, multiple, all) presets that you will be ask where to save them (replace current -if on gear-, insert (then decide which to erase if presets full), copy and replace on another preset). the others will be saved on themselves by default without need to retrieve it manually… time saving)