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4-On the PC you don’t use the possibilities coming from having space (on the screen you could have all “more”functions and access to pages directly even on a simple HD screen) neither from having a true keyboard. not even one shortcut set up for pc. none. PC users will use mouse extremely with no multiple selection, no shortcut, no screen tweaking or optimisation and no shortcut…

5- One other thing is Tempo related questions… I slaved my H9/2 to H9/1tempo through midi out/1 to midi in/2. Is H9/1 sending only a tempo message when tempo changed or is it sending continuous midi clock messages ? because sometimes the tempos get unsynced… !?? and if I chain the tempo prog (one CC# on H9-1 sets the tempo with footbutton and sends it by midi to h9-2) what happens if the first effect has no tempo but the second has (and needs one) ?

6- having a preset/edition history also would be perfect. especially when jamming or searching with your band. you search through songs, make a whole session with evolutive sounds and record it to work on it as a material, but we can’t have a historical trace of  what we’ve done on H9 Control. i’m not about parameters’ historical review, but at least presets used (and time used would be waouuuh). I’m not sure this kind of info is easily reachable but well…