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i believe users may probably need 4 environnements/tabs :

A- Sound effects research/exploration with filters and criterias search among 50+ effects (if you make a matrix of the kind of effects included in algos, an effect search by criterias – me : “i want a delay with chorus and/or pitch” H9-CTRL : “these – pitch fuzz, spacetime, undultaor, micropitch etc- are the matching algos and referenced presets for these criterias” – would be an awesome feature, as an effect browser for a complex unit)

B- Live control (parameters in its 2 forms, expression, xy…)

C- managing presets naming/order-list/”per-preset”options/usage history as described earlier !!!

D- Settings

I had a hard time writing this (i’m French – no one’s perfect- but i wanted to be understood at the same time…) i hope it can be at least understood, I know it’s long and unformal but at the end I admit that i do not have many expectations regarding the result… well somehow

Thank you