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Eventide Staff
dirtybuck wrote:
I have the FM3 on Midi 1 so I set the Micro Pitch to Midi 2.

Did you also program the MicroPitch Delay to work on channel two? It’s not enough to program the Airstep to send on channel 2, but you also have to program the system settings of MicroPitch Delay to receive on channel two. The quick reference guide explains how to do this.

dirtybuck wrote:
I’ve tried setting the exp pdl jack to Midi box and Midi trs. In MIdi trs all 5 switches on the Midi controller active the Micro pitch presets.

The setting you want to use here is MIDI TRS. I’m assuming you’re using a 5-pin DIN to TRS cable, correct? Also, it seems like your AIRSTEP is sending program changes just fine, but it sounds like the MicroPitch Delay is not programmed to receive only on channel 2 in the system settings. The default is set to “OMNI” which would explain why it also gets changes sent only on channel 1.

If you just want to activate the pedal you can send CC# 14 with a value of zero for Bypass and a value of 64 for Active. If you look at the quick reference manual for MicroPitch, you’ll see a table of all the MIDI commands you can control. Also, you can save presets on MicroPitch Delay so that they recall in a bypassed state. You just have to save the preset that way.