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silver_mica wrote:

I’m considering creating an effect with my H9 to get close to the sound of the song Helicopter toward the end – at 2:52.   Not the fast picking single note, B – but the quarter notes B, D, F#, B, A, B, G, F#.   The beat is pretty fast, like 170 bpm or something.  Also, I’m not really sure if those were harmonics (kind of sounds like it now that I’m listening again) – but, the last time I played this I just played out what I thought the actual notes were –  sort of a Bm arpeggio with a couple of passing notes.   The YouTube video link is cue’d up to 2:52 – where the effect emerges. 



Anyway, what effect do you suppose is used at that point?   



Cool song and nice guitar parts!
I think it a crunch sound with delay and reverb. The fast part before that uses some 16th note delay I think.