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robert wrote:

Hi all,

Checking out a brand new H9000 rev G running the latest 1.3.0[10] software, to replace my trusty H8000FW.

My device will simply NOT boot with anything plugged into any of the 4 USB sockets. I tried both the provided wireless dongle and/or the provided thumb drive. I mostly only see the black screen. Sometimes I get the splash screen, which goes dark again, and nothing happens. It stays this way for *minutes*, and after 3+ minutes I give up.

Rebooting the device with the USB stuff taken out works (though sloooowwww), and inserting the USB dongle/drive once running works too.

Is this normal, or do I have to return the H9000?


Thanks, Robert

The normal boot process is famously slow. Probably 60 seconds. This does not sound like normal behavior. I keep the wireless dongle plugged in and it boots fine. I’m sure support will chime in.