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At the beta testing stage the following comments may be moot but …  it looks like you have chosen not to add new functionality to the Control App.  Since this may be your last chance to do so, I think that is a mistake.  O2LAMJU has some good ideas above.  I and others have some other ideas in the thread here regarding desirable features for an H9 replacement.  Restated there are some good ideas in that thread for improving H9 Control now.

Here’s another idea that may be too late:

On each preset edit screen, the editor gui window is great!  To the right of it, there is a large blank space.  IMHO it would be great to add a basic text editor window where the user could add, edit, delete, etc. their personal text for the preset shown on the left.  These would be like developer notes regarding functionality and/or sound quality etc. This would help remind the user returning to a preset after a long time and they should be part of the h9z file so that shared presets include the developer’s notes to future users.  

I think you know what I mean but let me just say that Brock’s notes in various threads and in the preset sharing webpage are a great example of doing it right.  So I’m basically suggesting you provide a means for people to make such notes right along with each user preset (in the edit screen) and as part of the h9z file.

Thanks for making great stuff.