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O2LAMJU wrote:

thank you Apalazzolo for saying so !!!

nearly 1month later and not even 1 message of gratitude from eventide for the many hours i spent writing this sh** in english, regardless of the project management they’re in and the possibility or not they have to fully finish their h9 ergonomy work.

not even an answer to the 5th question. apathy, indifference ? cultural difference ? i know i don’t know. is it political behaviour ? lol

Glad to know someone (even a h9 user !!!) was able to read and understand my vision/propositions. LOVE !

I would suggest reposting your 5th question as a new forum thread. I’m sure it was just overlooked, but it doesn’t seem like the question is related to this public beta release. If you create a new post, someone will answer your question and it will be easier for other users to find the answer.