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Eventide Staff
Twanda wrote:

Hello there,

My Pitchfactor (PF07919) as a problem: on most of the presets, the A 'channel'  from the Picth A button doesnt work:  I only have 2 voices on the Quadraovox, only one apregioator on the B button, one voice one the Picthflex etc..

If I turn the Picth Mix button right, I hear voices BD, but if I turn it left i hear nothing (besides some dry if MIX isn't fully wet).

Of course, the PicthMix button works properly, as i see and I hear a difference when I turn it. But they is nothing coming out from the  'A' channel anymore..

Only the Octaver and Synthonizer ar working properly. this is anoying.

Any Idea ?

So I did an update of my software through the Eventide Direcft Updater, but no difference. As wella sI few 'restes'

thank you

Toine from Brussels

What's your setup? Mono in mono out? Mono in stero out? Or stereo in stereo out? Do you use any special routing mode (pre/post, dry/wet)?