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Read774 wrote:
I am not the greatest technically and am seeking some clarification as to how i can program the micropitch to patch change via midi when i switch rigs on kemper.

Make sure the MicroPitch Delay is set to the MIDI channel your controller is using to communicate with your pedal. To learn how to set the MIDI channel

3:03 – Learn to enter System Settings
7:24 – Learn how to set EXP input for MIDI Box or MIDI TRS.
13:38 – Learn to set MIDI channel


Read774 wrote:
I am getting the feeling that i need to invest in a midi box in order to do this…

It all depends what kind of MIDI connections your controller uses. The standard protocol uses 5-pin MIDI DIN, in which case you will need to invest in a MIDI Box to convert 5-pin DIN to TRS. MIDI a over TRS is a newer protocol that helps pedals remain compact, and newer controllers on the market use this capability. As stated above go to 7:24 to learn about the differences.


Once you have programmed the MicroPitch Delay to function on the correct channel, you need to program your MIDI controller to send a program change number (1 – 127) that corresponds to the presets you want to access.