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For me it was all about getting the Dante Controller software and Rednet Control configured properly. That took a minute… And so in essence I would definitely agree that if you’re just using ProTools HDX on a single rig the HD expansion card would be a much simpler set up. One important thing was making sure all devices were plugged into the same network switch… To start anyway… This would include the Focusrite, my computer, and the Dante card from the Eventide. And then setting the input and output routings in RedNet Control to available IO that I had attached between the HDX and the Focusrite (for instance inputs and outputs 16-32). And then lastly routing the Focusrite and eventide to each other with the Dante Controller software matrix. I only had to do this stuff once though and now it works every time I boot. I also think I plugged into this ecosystem at a perfect time with solid firmware and a great version of Emote.