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Alright, I did that and It still wasn’t responsive. Then out of frustration I did a factory reset. I only had one custom preset so far so I really didn’t care. The good news is everything worked as it should. The active/tap/primary lights stayed lit and I used the DM to load my favorites into the top 5. I unplugged and checked it all and the new top 5 saved properly. So just to check the software again I plugged it back into my PC and opened up the DM. When doing that I’m right where I started, unable to select presets. Obviously I’m going to do a factory reset every time. What could be the issue. I have a TRS to midi in the exp jack and the in and out used as it’s in the middle of my board. Also, in global settings what is ttl and opto midi setting? I have it on opto now. Thanks!