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pacific202 wrote:

joeydego wrote:
I own an H9000 and really its plenty useful as an 8 analog 8 digital channel processor.

It’s definitely set up with a huge amount of i/o versatility in its current configuration.  I’d say that most users in our class would be fine with DB25 analog I/O, USB and a much lower price 🙂

joeydego wrote:
running up to 16 algorithms at once as far as I know is unprecedented.

The UAD system does that really well, between my 6-DSP x8 and an 8-DSP expander I can far exceed 16 simultaneous algorithms.  Still, they aren’t EVENTIDE algorithms.

Im about 5 figures into UAD, so…….yea. Great stuff for vintage emulations, but really apples and oranges to the H9000. We have similar setups, I have an XD8 and an octo card. Im not using my H9000 for 1176 or LA2A type stuff. The Eventide handles the delay and reverb throws (this is the most taxing stuff on a UA platform as you know), as well as all pitch effects, Im a guitar player so I have guitar specific FX chains for different purposes, etc. 


Agreed right NOW I have little use for expansion ports, although theres been talk of an 8 mic pre expansion which would be tremendous for guys like us. Also, who knows what UAD3 will bring? Madi? Dante? 


So, for 5k, you can go even further down the UA rabbit hole (ultimate 9 and another octo or something), maybe get an eclipse and some more UA stuff if you’re in love with the UA platform? Or just an eclipse and a nice vacation? 


Honestly if they removed the expandability options in the H9000, I question how much that would bring manufacturing costs down which would translate into a lower MSRP. This is a product that was nearly if not 10 years in development. Thats 10 years of salaries, countless (I imagine thousands) of hours etc. If you look at other offerings from competition, the 5k really isnt absurd. Check the price of a premium reverb unit, or heaven forbid some rackmount pres and comps (the omnipressor algo rocks, BTW). One thing for sure, this home studio thing isnt for the faint at heart! Some people have a nice muscle car in their garage. I have my desk!