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Eventide Staff
munkee wrote:
I used to use this foot switch with  with a expression pedal. Now I just want to use the foot switch alone.

Have you switched the AUX settings back to [SWITCH]?

munkee wrote:
I connected it through H9 Control and set everything properly but now it will only increment presets?

In H9 Control, go to the PEDAL tab, then “AUX SWITCH MAPPINGS,” to make sure the TIP, RING, T+R commands are assigned where you want them, but also check to make sure no other parameters are assigned to the same thing; otherwise, commands will conflict.

munkee wrote:
Is there a way I save settings or send settings? Do I need to turn the unit on off for the changes to take place?

On the H9, all settings are stored as they are made. There is no need to power cycle to save or anything like that.