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Additionally, you can try a Factory Reset. Be aware this completely erases all System Settings and User presets, so you may back those up on EDM before you restore factory settings.


Backing up your pedal:

Connect the pedal via USB to a computer

Open up EDM and click OK when your pedal is detected.

Navigate to the left side of the screen and click “Backup To File.” You have the option to name it and save the preset list to the location of your choice. This generates a .bak file that stores all presets in memory as well as System Settings.

Factory Reset

To conduct a factory reset on the Eventide Device Manager, navigate to the top left side, and click on “Factory Reset” under “Manage Device.” A pop-up will warn us this process cannot be undone, so this is our last chance to save our presets and settings. If we click OK, the reset takes about 8 seconds to complete at which point the pedal will return to normal functionality.


Let us know if this solves the issue.