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providenceH wrote:
with my Friedman BE-OD pedal engaged before it, it drastically drops the volume of the repeats.

I have a Frieman BE-OD and I cannot replicate the issue. My taps stay prominent whether the OD is on or not. What are you plugging the Rose into? Can you try with stock preset number #1 to see if you have the issue?

You can always back up your presets using EDM and try to restore Factory settings to root out any weird settings that may be causing the issue.

providenceH wrote:
PS: got another issue with my Tesla control… no way I can set it for tap tempo, I followed all the instructions (aux on, select it, select tap tempo etc) but no way to make it work, I tried also some other pedals (mxr, custom made etc) and connected everything also with a TRS cable but all of them do nothing, I can stomp in whatever way but pedal does not recognyze any tap input

Keep in mind that if the HOTSWITCH is set to control LFO rate, then so will the auxiliary Tap Tempo switch. Make sure the HOTSWITCH is controlling the tap tempo and your aux switch will do the same.

Press & Hold the HOTSWITCH to toggle between LFO Rate (green) and Tap Tempo (RED).