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providenceH wrote:
I play first with BEOD off then on.

In your video, I hear the signal already distorted before you engage the BE-OD. Are you running delay (Rose) into an already distorted amplifier? If so, that’s problem #1, mainly because best practice is to run any time-based effects into the FX Loop of an amp, not straight into it when distortion is coming from the amp’s preamp. Plus, many amplifiers do not take delays well going into the front end, especially if they’re hi-gain amp’s…even on the clean channel.

The other thing I notice is the volume knob on your BE-OD is down a lot. Almost always, the volume knob on a distortion pedal acts as the master volume of the chain, so a low setting will cause a noticeable reduction in volume certainly. I understand you need to keep the volume down on that pedal because you’re already going into a distorted amp, but as a matter of personal preference, I would not use the Friedman as a drive pedal trying to push an amp…the Friedman is designed to be a hi-gain distortion pedal.

Best recommendation, put Rose in the effects loop of the amp. Switch the level input on the pedal to “line level” as most FX Loops run this type of signal. If your amp does not have an FX Loop, the only solution is to set the amp relatively clean and use distortion from your pedals.