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thanks for your reply, appreciate it, but let me share my point of view: I play plexis since the late 80s… I am a delay freak and I had every pedal out there since the early 90s (my first one was the ehx DMM) including rack gear (lexicons mainly) and original EP3s, not a single one had a volume problem, if you hear the video when I play with BEOD on and Rose off the Dunlop echoplex pedal does not have any volume drop… and sorry but I will never sacrifice amp distortion (its a 50w plexi with volume I on 5 nothing higain at all very far from that) for any pedal/effect, I will try saving a preset with higher volume but its really a shame as pedal sound very good

PS: I have hotswitch on A/B and Aux on Tap Tempo and Tip but the Tesla unit does not operate tap tempo (makes nothing actually)