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Many thanks for your input here as well as all of it on this forum over many years.  I, and many others, have learned a lot from your valuable and selfless guideance.

I was hip to Joe’s Ultratap instructional video as well as those for Blackhole and Micropitch.  I can’t say enough good things about them.  I’ve watched many other videos and read all I can on the H9 (and related) algos.  Joe’s videos have important information not available elsewhere.  I hope this is the new standard for the dot9 series.


Please see my above comment on your videos.  Love them!

Regarding the dot9 quickstart guides, please note that Ultratap is the only one with a signal flow chart.  That said,  your videos are prolly a better resource anyway. Looking forward to Tricerachorus.  

Watching all of the Undulator demo/review videos it seems no one understands what’s going on with the delay(s) in that algo and how the pitch/feedback and spread/feedback control it/them.  Most just turn some knobs and say, “ohhhhh … ahhhh … that’s great.”  On reviewer expressly says there is no information about it.  I guess it will remain a mystery.