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joecozzi wrote:
apalazzolo wrote:


Please see my above comment on your videos.  Love them!

Very much appreciate the feedback, Tony. It’s very encouraging. We’re working hard to set a new standard for instructional content. More forthcoming.

You bet.

May I ask a few questions about a point you made in the hour-long dot9 Ultratap video?

At one point (53:45? maybe) you mentioned and then demonstrated that the timbre of that delay depends on whether it is in time mode or tempo mode.  I’ve noticed this too with the H9 version of Ultratap.  Selecting/deselecting the mode button (with no other changes) really does affect the timbre.

Does this tonal difference occur in all H9 delay algorithms? If not, in which ones does that difference occur?  Very basically, what causes this difference?

Many thanks.