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Eventide Staff
smj wrote:
Having deregistered them, I connected to the core h9 and it worked fine with my phone. Am I missing something?

If you log back using your account, then you’ll still see the algorithms that are in your personal library. Those don’t ever go away. A new user won’t see the algorithms in your collection.

smj wrote:
If I paid to max out the regular H9, it would then max out the other h9 correct? I could then essentially sell both separately maxed out?

No. Users are only allowed to take advantage of the Max out program once. So, only the unit that you paid to Max Out has been turned into a Max unit in our system. The ability to pass on the Max algorithms to a lesser H9 does not make the H9 receiving them an H9 Max in our system. That still remains the model it is from factory.

smj wrote:
Can a maxed out core be unmaxed if someone registers it independent of the other h9?

Again, if the Core in question is not the one you paid to Max out and you de-registered it, and then it’s re-registered by someone else, it becomes a Core again. YOUR a algorithms do not travel with it.

Also, if someone were to try to sell an H9 as a different model, and the new user does a factory reset for whatever reason, they will discover what version that pedal truly is.