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joecozzi wrote:
Software sometimes does not know we have made changes, and the software falls behind the hardware settings.

EDM is only one-way communication. We either turns the knobs on the pedal or we work with EDM’s knobs to control the pedal, but not both. Unlike H9 Control, which does use bi-directional communication, EDM will not sense changes we make on the pedal via the front panel knobs. It’s meant to be use as a preset management tool.


Thank You, I got that Part of the EDM preset Management Design?

But Unix and Windows Both have the same memory issues

as the memory slots in the memory chips get confused sometimes

and try to assign and or look for newer information of which is not there.

Its a caching issue I am almost 100% sure.

I tried the same presets with no changes

in EDM and on the Pitch Micro, same issue.

I changed nothing, and had to reinstall to get it working.

Never the less, I am still having an issue of EDM not liking

what I am doing after I save a preset on pitch micro.

Its no biggie to me? 

I know how to work around it 100%?

But still the issue of EDM not liking

my saved setting on Pitch Micro.

I can’t use EDM on anything but factory presets

on EDM or Pitch Micro. Nothing I saved On Pitch Micro shows

Up In EDM? I will work around it again some how.

Or just ditch EDM I need way, more then 5 presets

and this is a huge design issue from the start. 

I can’t use EDM to make my presets, just wont work.

If I can’t get EDM to see my saved settings?

How Do I use EDM to change settings?

I can maybe make up some software for a nicer way?

But still left with the same issue on EDM.