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Eventide Staff
I am still having an issue of EDM not liking what I am doing after I save a preset on pitch micro.

Are you trying to save a preset from the front panel of the pedal while you’re connected to EDM? If so, EDM won’t register the changes until you close the application and open it up again. This is why if we decide to use EDM, we must work from within EDM only and not touch the pedal in the process.

I can’t use EDM on anything but factory presets on EDM or Pitch Micro. Nothing I saved On Pitch Micro shows

Make sure the pedal’s MIDI channel is set to OMNI or 1 to make sure EDM is communicating with the pedal. This may be part of the original issue in this post.

As soon as you choose a preset on EDM that is outside of the top 5, the last two LEDs on the pedal’s preset ladder light up. Does this happen for you? If you then proceed to edit a preset on EDM, the app should prompt you to save your changes in yellow at the top. Does this not happen for you?