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I have a similar problem:

– connect H9 pedal to computer via USB;

– connect H9 pedal power. Pedal turns on;

– use a SysEx librarian software on Windows 10 computer to capture presets from pedal. Pedal appears in computer as “H9 Pedal” (as a USB MIDI class-compliant device). Librarian is set in capture mode, listening for incoming SysEx messages on the “H9 Pedal” port;

– follow instructions from H9 manual to dump the presets. I hear the bypass relays click and “PRESET” appears on LED display for a while. But no SysEx message is received by the software on the computer (I regularly use the same method to capture presets from other instruments, MIDI keyboards and controllers, with success);

– disconnect USB, use MIDI cables to connect the pedal via a USB-MIDI interface (I use a Roland UM-ONE mark 2), repeat: this time, messages are received, capture successful;

– disconnect MIDI cables, reconnect pedal via USB, repeat: this time, messages are received, capture successful.

I have repeated this procedure multiple times and it is consistent: after power on, at first the H9 Pedal won’t transmit SysEx over USB. It does not make a difference if USB is connected before or after the pedal is powered on. Only after completing at least one dump via 5-PIN DIN MIDI does the USB connection eventually come alive. My pedal says it’s running firmware v5.8.5.

Am I doing something wrong?