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Daniel wrote:
… Since I only play pedal steel, and a volume pedal is part of the instrument’s sound, I’m not too worried about swells or attack.

This kind of application is fascinating to me.  I’m guessing that any true portamento glides from the tonebar/slide could be disguised as swept keys (discrete glissando).  My feeble attempts here involve a spare guitar with terrible action, heavy strings, and a brass tonebar.  My ‘pedals & levers’ are electronic.

I will reiterate how much the EHX SuperEgo / Freeze helped shape the organ emulation.    Heavy compression is similar.  In fact, the Omnipressor can carve out an envelope resembling that of an organ.

As mentioned in the other thread, rotary speed changes go a long way, as well.  Curious to see how this all works out for you with a real console pedal steel.