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Daniel wrote:

I’d assumed the smaller POG pedals didn’t have the +2, +1, -1, -2 octave capability. Have you tried a Micro POG, then? Not sure what else to add to that, but you got me thinking.

So let me be a little more clear on a couple points.

(1) Technically you are correct, the smaller ones do not have +2,-2, but heres where it gets interesting: you cannot mimic the tone of a MicroPog or Nano on a POG2 w/o utilizing the +2,-2 octaves to a small degree, and maybe some detune, so the Micro is more complex sonically than the DRY, SUB, UP would have you believe (technically it doesn’t even say +1,-1 on a micropog). This could be good or bad, depending if you absolutely need fine-grained voice control, then I’d stick w the POG2, but EHX changed the algorithm and smoothed it out on the POG2, which I do not like. My old Micro has A/Bed better than any other POG besides the original.

(2) The POG series is polyphonic, whereas the H9 is not (someone chime in if this is not the case for some pitch algos) This means the H9 will only track the fundamental note, wheres the POG or whammy will track whole chords. This is a very important distinction, I would say the most important! It doesnt make one better than the other, just sounds way different. This is why it is important to have one of these devices on your board, mono pitch tracking sounds different than polyphonic.Its two different sound palettes.

(3) The smaller POGs have a DRY out, + EFFECT out, the POG2 does not (POG2 got true bypass and lost the 2 buffered outs. I dont think all that many people use this, but u could send the DRY to your regular pedalboard and the EFFECT to a BASS amp to capture the low sounds better when u want 30-50Hz range. The H9 can do this as well (assign WET/DRY to different outputs)

(4) The new EHX Pitchfork+ is pretty awesome feature-wise, and price-wise but youll take a bit of a hit on quality. The MicroPOG has a slightly richer, more musical sound than the Pitchfork.

For tried and true polyphonic organ sounds, its hard to beat EHX. As my friend says, everything EHX makes sound like an organ. HAHA