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Daniel wrote:

When using the effect, I try to avoid any slides and generally pick single strings or chords.

Since it sounds like it will be a lot of single notes (monophonic), I think it would be fun to work on some possible H9 solutions, but to be completely honest the POG series is one of the few effects that is pretty unique/hard to duplicate. Very organ-like! I will play around with the Octaver and other Pitchfactor algos to see. I’ve gotten close to the POG sound in the past, but it tends to sound “simpler”, w 2-3 voices that seem to have less poly-phonic (vertical note) complexity, basically sounds much more filtered than a POG, which takes away a lot of that “grind” and bloom that EHX stuff is known for.

In an “H9-only” situation I would probably use 2-3 FX to try to recreate the organ/POG sound. Maybe an algo like the OCTAVER or QUADRAVOX, then adding SHIMMER reverb (pitch shifting lush reverb “pad” sound) would get you in the ballpark. Basically (A) voice control, (B) pitch detuning, (C) attack/swell/pad effects, WET/DRY control will help soften the effect.

Will get back to you later on some H9 ideas!