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Eventide Staff
fanetinfo wrote:

I am pretty certain it is not a power supply issue.  Today I tested out the H9 Max and it did not show any of the issues I am having with the H9 Core.  I have been using  Eventide power supplies that came with units on both the Max and Core.   I swapped power supplies and the Core worked fine for about half hour when it shut down on its own even when not connected to control app.  One time when the Core was not connected to Control App I was scrolling through presets and the pedal got hung up with ALL LIGHTS flashing.

Things I tried to fix problem:

1.) Swapped power supplies (and everything else on your list)

2.) Performed System pedal reboot. (no change)

3.) Performed Factory pedal reboot (no change)

4.) Re-paired BlueTooth

5.) Hard iPad Reboot

6.) Deleted and redownloaded H9 Control App

7.) Reinstalled latest firmware to H9 Core

All this and the H9 Core works for a bit before either freezing or shutting down when not connected, or when connected to Control App if I select something like Shimmer Algorithm it immediately freezes or shuts down.

FYI: I bought this H9 Core in Aug. 2019 and because of life situations have not had time to use it.  I only powered up the pedal maybe 4 – 5 times. The pedal has not been used or abused in fact it has been sitting in its box for nearly 2 years.  I recall having connection issues the first time using it, I didn’t think much about it then because on the forum other users were having connection issues and I thought a software update may fix connection problems. Now finally getting back to using the pedal I am frustrated that I am not able to use it.  I hope this problem can be resolved easily.  I live locally to you, if this will expedite any solution.

The last thing I suggest is updating your H9 using the Direct Updater or Eventide Device Manager to reinstall the firmware by using a USB cable on your PC/Mac.

It's good that you are local. If that doesn't help, please email support@eventide.com. We can take a closer look at your pedal and fix it.