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Eventide Staff
Taloan wrote:
I read about that the Maxout is discontinued.

This is not correct. The MaxOut program is going on indefinitely. Visit this link to see what your discounted price would be: https://www.eventideaudio.com/store/upgrade-h9

The price to upgrade a Standard H9 is $200 or 10 algorithms. The price to upgrade an H9 Core – $300 or 15 algorithms. If you purchased algorithms before the deadline earlier this year, those will count toward your upgrade price.

Taloan wrote:
if I buy a core or a standard H9, will i ever stay with the “functionality” of it?

You can either upgrade your Core/Standard to a Max one time, or if you already own a Max, you may use it to enhance an existing Core/Standard.

Taloan wrote:
i also read that in-app purchases are discontinued too)? Will I never be able up load/buy new algos?

True, purchasing individual algorithms is no longer possible. The only way to acquire algorithms on a Core/Standard unit is converting the units to a Max via the MaxOut program.