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tlongabaugh wrote:

Hey, sorry to hear about the issues.

Unfortunately the plugin is not resizable.

Regarding presets: just to confirm, you’re looking for presets in the plugin’s preset bar, not in the Reaper menu bar? Eventide plugin use a custom preset system and thus would not show in the Reaper menu bar. And the folder on your PC that you’re checking is C:Users<username>DocumentsEventideH949 Harmonizer?

If you’ve checked those and still have no luck, please email support@eventide.com and we can get you the preset files another way.


Hi, yes, I am looking at the plugin’s preset bar, I attached the picture for that reason – the preset bar is empty, just blank. Reaper’s bar reads “No preset”. I am checking the right folder. I don’t know why, but the installer didn’t show me the installation paths for anything but VST2 plugin. I ticked VST3 and the docs and presets options.

I’ll try mailing the support. Also, please try to lobby the product development team they make plugins resizable in the future 😉