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Have you tried the Synthonizer algorithm for organ sounds? The SHAPE A control has settings for ORGAN 1 and ORGAN 2 that may be of interest.

With respect to EHX POG presets, I have attache two.  The first is a minor variation on the one that noodle1 was kind enough to provide.  Mine allows you to omit or include an upper octave voice as desired. 

The second preset is built on Crushstation because it allows one to add some of that drive noodle1 mentioned was missing from the first preset.  Screenshot 1 is the basic sound with upper and lower octave voices.  Screenshot 2 shows the hotswitch settings which add some drive.  Naturally, one could have blended in some drive using the ribbon controller( expression pedal) instead of the hotswitch.

Another option is to buiild a POG-like preset using Pitchfuzz.  It’s easy enough to add upper and lower octave voices to create a POG preset as well as some fuzz  if desired.  You could also add some delay to a preset like that if you wanted thickening, doubling, or longer delays.

Finally, here’s a great video of a guy with some POG-like presets using various voice combinations:

Best of luck.