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John Baylies

> Currently just missing. 'Containers' or 'Macros' in Vsig for my usage. Otherwise it seems pretty great.

Max/MSP calls those "abstractions" https://docs.cycling74.com/max8/tutorials/basicchapter15 keep in mind that these tutorials, while viewable online, are more useful when viewed in Max/MSP's reference window.

> Is this a more user friendly or feature rich approach to WYSIWYG editing than Vsig?

With Max/MSP, you can listen to your patch as you build it. If you go to the Max/MSP menubar and click "help > reference > Gen > Topics > Gen" you'll find many useful snippets. The main benefit of Vsig is that you get to use proprietary Eventide modules such as the reverbs, delays, pitchshifters, oscillators, filters, and soon-to-be-functional transient_split. Plus you can download 1000 examples from the H9000.

fun facts: vsig has about 258 modules. gen has about 156 objects.

                  vsig modules | gen examples

> I do not have a Cycling 74 account but if this makes me want one!

I should also mention that this requires Max/MSP, which has a 30-day free trial: https://cycling74.com/downloads