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      John Baylies

      The H9000 has a C/C++ plugin API used in collaboration with Cycling 74 to make plugins from Gen that run on the H9000. If you would like to utilize this, email to have your Cycling '74 account registered.


      This algorithm is my edit of Peter Mculloch's Gen port of a version of the Moog ladder filter originally created at the Zurich University of the Arts by Beat Frei. It is 96kHz-compatible, but you'll have to scale the frequency parameters appropriately.. Here it is in action:

      in1 & in2 are summed, then split through a crossover (made by Graham Wakefield) whose frequency is set by the xovr_Hz parameter. The lows are effected by amplitude modulation, and the highs are effected by ladder filter frequency&resonance modulation. You will have to find/create your own audio-rate LFO to run these three modulation inputs.

      • in3 Low amplitude (0 – 1)
      • in4 Ladder frequency (0 – 1)
      • in5 Ladder resonance (0 – 1)

      • out1 lows
      • out2 highs

      • out3, 4, and 5 are the same as the inputs, except these outputs approach 1 as the dry_wet parameter goes from 100 to 0. These signals can be useful for controlling audio-reactive visuals.

      Download: The 9ka file can be uploaded directly to the H9000 using "Algorithm > Import Algorithm" in Emote's menu bar.