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I had a posting SNAFU.  Here i some text that was supposed to accompany my attachment.

I’d love to see if anyone can coax a GR300 out of Hotsawz.  I tried.  I failed.  IMHO Hotsawz is very flexible but designed to do other things.

Ironically, Synthonizer factory preset TROMBONE FACTOR comes close (was someone at Eventide was gunning for this sound too?). 

I have attached my best work (which took an hour or so and ended up very close to TROMBONE FACTOR … oye).  It works best in a limited range (D,G,B strings in the middle of fretboard) and is only one sound (Metheny seems to use at least three variants).    It does have reverb, which is a small plus over Hotsawz.  But it might sound closer to a GR300 if you turn the reverb off and run it into a Lexicon since that is a big part of Metheny’s sound too.