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Yes, this is possible using MIDI. There are two main ways to do it:

Leader/Follwer –
You can have one H9, we’ll call it “A,” control another H9, which we’ll call “B.” H9 is one of a few pedals available that can send preset changes. By connecting two H9s together, you can have “A” send messages to “B.” The programming can work in such a way that when you call up a preset on “A” for chorus it automatically sends a message to “B” to change to the delay. The best way to organize your presets on each pedal is to create lists such that the preset order for “A” will always call up a matching preset on “B” on the same preset number. This avoids having to do complex preset mapping in system settings.

MIDI Controller –
The other way is the most common way – using a MIDI controller. “A” and “B” are both set to their own MIDI channel. A is 1, B is 2. Most good controllers come with easy to program software that allows you to tell a switch to send many messages at once. For example, using your scenario, on Button ONE of my controller I want it to send two messages when I press it.

Message 1 – Preset Change number 1 for Chorus over MIDI channel 1

Message 2 – Preset change number 35 (or whatever) for Delay over MIDI channel 2

Having different MIDI channel numbers for every pedal allows me to communicate with each without confusing the other pedals.

Most MIDI controllers allow you to send up to 16 messages at once! But most of the time your sending as many MIDI messages as you have MIDI pedals on your pedalboard. I recommend the MIDI switchers from Morningstar FX – MC6mkII, MC3, or MC8. Boss products are great, too.

Whatever method you choose requires setting up the H9s in system settings so they’ll respond appropriately. Choose a method and we can take it from there.